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Still Alive

I've been quite busy running around town or vegetating with catalyticdragon and slammed at work otherwise.

I've totally revamped my schedule since the beginning of the year and I'm intent on working time back into my day for personal things like *actually* updating and keeping in better touch with friends. Currently, I've been thwarted in that effort during the day, by a couple large projects for work that have had me flat out since the beginning of February.

I'm doing pretty fantastically in general and I can't wait to find a few spare hours(here and there, or course) to finally get down what's been going on the last year or so.

Been trying to keep up in my reading as well, but got bogged down in February and haven't quite caught up even remotely. I do hope all are well.

When galaxies collide...

What would two galaxies look like when they collide and start to tear each other apart?, you might ask.

Like this of course...Collapse )

Life is good.

For the aspiring writers in the crowd.

newbabel put together a really great list of useful guidelines for writing a story that I thought was worth sharing: HERE

I love my office...

Someone left homemade maple bacon candy in the kitchen today.

99 Things

I've got posts rolling around, but they never seem to get going.  This was the next best thing I saw.  It's an interesting bit of introspection.

99 Things...Collapse )

Tis the season

I had a post started about change, but things have changed.

My grandmother died yesterday. In a big way, it's a relief to me. She's been is so much pain for so long, and as much as she had good days from time to time, she was pretty much in miserable pain for the last nine months and only somewhat better for the couple years preceding that. The last time I saw her, she seemed just as defeated and pessimistic as she had for a while, but she was at peace in a way. I'm sure she knew she didn't have very long.

I'm sad for my own loss, but I'm glad that she is no longer in pain.
Finally went to see my grandmother last sunday after having been lax in doing so for months. She was in the hospital again. It's was easier to see her there than the nursing home. I just can't stand those places. Hospitals are bad enough, but nursing homes are really oppressive for me.

She's in a lot of pain and she just wants to die. She seems pretty strong, and her eyes were still very alive, but her body just isn't working right any more. She's tired of being trapped in bed in pain. She can't read any more both because she can't sit without pain or hold open a book and she said something about her glasses that I couldn't quite make out. She told me last week she wanted me to shoot her and when I told her I would if I could, but I didn't think they'd let me get away with that, she said she gave me license. The highlight was that she was very happy to have gotten the chance to meet catalyticdragon. It was the happiest I've seen her in quite some time.

By monday, she was "well" enough to go back to the nursing home, but she's in so much pain and has started losing lucidity more frequently of late. Her med orders keep changing at the nursing home and half the time they don't notify my mother about what's going on, so she's(my mother) brought in a hospice worker since the nursing home has been unable to adequately manage her pain. I stopped by briefly on thursday with catalyticdragon, but she was pretty doped up and really only woke up for a minute to say hi. From what my mom has said, it's likely she'll remain pretty drugged as the hospice worker was unsure they'd be able to manage the pain and keep her in any kind of state to be awake and alert. I'm glad I went earlier. It was probably the last time I'll have a conversation with her.


My legs are so sore today. I went out for a run on the Charles last night and was planning to do a much shorter loop(just under six miles) but hadn't quite planned well(or lacked a bit of crucial information). There's no direct way to get onto the BU bridge from the Storrow side footpath(I mean, there is if you want to leave the path and I didn't know where to do so to get there(I do now)). So I got to the bridge at just under the three mile mark and was left with the option to continue to the River Street bridge or turn back and do the remaining three miles in backtracking since I was just starting to tire and didn't have the capacity for figuring out the bridge. So I decided to continue. I'm pretty sure my legs would be slightly angry at me today anyway, but 7.5 miles was a bit further than I intended to go. It was good for me anyway. I'd been feeling down for no real reason and it did help clear my head a bit.